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Friday, June 30, 2006


I was amazed to read that the average waist line of Americans are at its peak and was ore that the British .Meanwhile the Italians and French had better control over their weights.It was interesting to find that people of developing countries like India were hastily adding a few kilos to their body weight.

Yes the world is becoming obese as never before.We don’t walk as our forefathers did nor we care to burn out the extra fat that is in our body due to our unhealthy habits..An assessment of our sloth like life can be had from the fact that “ An average 65 year old American would have watched 9 years of TV viewing and about 20,000 TV advertisements by this age.”
Studies show that exercise and a healthy food habits can turn the situation around.The obesity index has reached its peak in countries like America and it is time to rein in on colas, burgers, pizzas and French fries.The average colas have about 160 calories and the 12 inch pizzas have 1000 calories .I don’t want to stun you with figures on burgers and snacks.The snacks having lot of sweet and salt evoke our primal instincts tempting us to eat the process compromising our cardiovascular and nutritional status.
Its time to understand and have more of natural and organic foods.When my obese friend presented at the clinic presented with complaints of irregular cycles , she was asked to cut down a few kilos .The senior said “Do cycling to get back your cycles”
You have to add organic food like soya available in your popular malls.Do push your cart to the vegetable section and do add a salad to your diet since it contain much needed vitamins, minerals , fibres.Try out fruit juice instead of colas while we are thirsty.
Obesity is a clear danger predisposing you to diseases like diabetes and hypertension.In addition to healthy food habits care to warm out in the sun, take a few more steps in your tread mill,have a run on your beach to remain healthy … slim and trim


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